Stuart Wood Elementary School

Stuart Wood Elementary School

Location: South Shore/Downtown

Address: 245 St Paul Street, Kamloops

Parking: Parking on St. Paul Street. Paid meter parking from Monday-Saturday 9-6pm.

Note: This school was closed in 2016 but it is now open to the public as a homeless shelter.
Age Range: 2-12

Ground cover: Pea Gravel

Features: corner store, hand maze game, steering wheel, stairs x2, 2 small slides, 1 long slide, 1 twirly slide, rope ladder, wall climb x2, wall climb with rope assist, horizontal wall climb, zip line, ninja merry-go-round monkey bars, monkey bars, vertical lily pads, ladders x2, “telephone” machine, 5 swings, 1 baby swing

Shade: 3 shade trees

Seating: 1 bench (up against the school)

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