McArthur Island Playground

McArthur Island Playground

Location: North Shore

Address: 1525 Island Parkway Drive, Kamloops
Parking: large parking lot in front of the arena
Note: This is a small rundown playground near a large skateboard park
Age Range: 2-12
Ground cover: sand & grass
Features: metal slide, spiral slide, curved ladder, 2 chain ladders, fireman pole, small ladder, ramp, tic-tac-toe game, wavey monkey bars
Shade: Lots of full grown shade trees (8+)
Seating: no seating




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  1. Gem says:

    This playground is in dire need of repairs.
    I often find screws just lying around in the sand. It’s also so close to the skate park that teenage girls often hang out on this leaving it difficult for little kids to play. Having it so close to the skate park makes it tempting for little kids to run out in that direction too.
    Wishing MacArthur park would invest in a new playground for little kids. We stopped visiting this one all together even though it’s the closest one to our home.

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