Kamloops Water Parks

Visit the water parks in Kamloops! All water splash parks are on from 10am-8pm from June 1 to September. There are nearby bathrooms that can be used as change rooms.

  1.  Riverside Park Water Park

Located in the heart of downtown Kamloops this water park is the biggest and most diverse. It includes a river and 3 “branches” of water areas. It also has an amazing adjacent playground and nearby sandy beach.

2.    Albert McGowan Water Park

This Upper Sahali splash park is the perfect place for a picnic. With many picnic tables, including a covered table it also has large areas of open lawn and many shade trees surrounding the water park. A small playground is right next to the water park. Bring a bucket for the many ground sprinklers!

3.    McDonald Water Park

It has no wading pool but I have yet to see this new North Shore water park without many, many children playing in it. The large bucket drop is a fan for older children and the small mini river pool is a hit for younger children.

4.    Variety Kids Centennial Water Park

This Westysde gem of a water park is the complete package, in my opinion. The feature frog sprinkler stands out as a beacon for the hot visitor. The nearby playground and petting zoo round out make for a fun day adventure with your littles.

5.    Wildlife Park Water Park

The Wildlife Park Water Park is very industrial. It is simple, yet effective! Many over head pipes provide tons of water to be sprinkled down on the kids running around. You must pay the BC Wildlife Park admission fee to enter this splash pad but it is a wonderful summertime addition to a day visit to the Wildlife Park.

6.    Prince Charles Park Wading Pool

Although not technically a water park this wading pool is always busy in the summer. With water ranging from very shallow along the edge of the pool to the deepest point at the centre being just at an adult’s knee height, this wading pool is perfect for the beginner and non-swimmers! No lifeguard on duty.