Hook Tot Lot

Location: Westsyde

Address: 1545 Collingwood Drive, Kamloops

Parking: parking on Collingwood drive

Note: This park is hard to find although it can be seen easily from Westsyde road it is on a hook lot. Follow the “Entrance” sign down the path to the park.

Age range: Ages 2-6

Ground cover: Grass and sand

Features: 1 swing, 1 baby swing, stairs to a METAL slide (please be careful in both the winter and the summer using this slide), large ring ladder, spiral climbing pole

Shade: Lots of large shade trees on west side of the lot, east side has a large willow tree and  small pine trees on the north side.

Seating: 2 picnic tables





  1. IVAN says:

    What about the tot lot on 7th avenue? Great shady trees, picnic table, swings, playground, completely fenced in a quiet neighborhood, large grassy areas.

    1. Lori Fletcher says:

      Thank you! I forgot that one off my list! We will head there next!

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