Happyvale Elementary

Happyvale Elementary

Location: Brock

Address: 655 Holt Street, Kamloops

Parking: lots of parking on Holt Street

Note: This is the home of The Big Little Science Centre. This is a school playground and you may be asked to leave during school hours. This is a wooden playground with HOT metal furnishings. Also, I couldn’t get the listening device to work even when following how-to instructions.

Age range: Ages 5-12

Ground cover: Pea Gravel and Grass

Features: ramps, ladders, 2 chain bridges, long slide, short metal slide (Careful! This is hot!), metal monkey bars, metal chain monkey bars, chin-up bar, 4 swings, 4 puzzle/games and listening device. There is also an enclosed basketball court.

Shade: 1 large shade tree.

Seating: no seating





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